Does the Back to Business Plan replace the Safer at Home Order?

No.  The Back to Business Plan does not replace the Safer at Home Executive Order.  The Back to Business Plan is a data-driven framework for a phased approach to re-opening businesses.  Businesses will re-open in three phases.  There are specific conditions that must be met before the start of each phase.  Once the required conditions are met, an Executive Order will be issued for re-openings under Phase One of the Back to Business Plan.  Presently, the current version Safer at Home Order is still in effect, and as such, residents and businesses should continue to adhere to the Order’s directives, social distancing requirements, masking protocols and hygiene best practices.

When will Phase One, Two or Three of the Back to Business Plan begin?

The decision to open any business in a particular phase will be informed by data and advice of our team of medical experts.  Once the required conditions are met, an Executive Order will be issued outlining the business re-openings allowed under the specified phase. Phase One began May 4. Phase Two began May 18.

What is the criteria for the phases to begin?

The phased re-opening is premised on the following indicators and conditions:

  1. Flat or negative growth rate in new cases during the most recent 14-day period
  2. Availability of testing resources, capacity, and rapid data sharing of results
  3. Capacity of the public health system to conduct surveillance, contact investigations, monitoring, outbreak management, and enforcement
  4. Capacity of healthcare systems to treat all patients without crisis care conditions

In addition, the following contextual indicators will be monitored to provide further information for decision-making:

  • Trend in COVID-19 deaths
  • Hospitalizations of COVID-19 positive patients
  • Percentage of ventilators utilized in healthcare system
  • Percentage of hospital beds utilized in healthcare system
  • COVID-19 Compliant Protocol compliance by entities
  • Social distancing compliance by members of the public
  • Adequate supplies of PPE

However, reversal of advancements between phases may be required if the data and metrics show a decline in the conditions necessary for maintaining public health and safety.

What industries are part of each phase? 

How do I report a business that is operating before they are allowed under the Back to Business Plan?

Please call 311 or email covid19@memphistn.gov to report a business you believe is not complying with the Back to Business Plan.

Can I be fined if I reopen during the wrong phase?

Businesses that re-open in violation of the Safer at Home Order and Back to Business Plan will be subject to closure as well as any applicable fines and fees.

Are dental and medical procedures included in the Back to Business Framework?

No. The Mayor’s Executive Order 13-2020 and the Shelby County Health Department’s Health Directive No. 3 provide that medical and dental procedures will be subject to regulations and restrictions pursuant to Executive Orders issued by the Governor of the State of Tennessee. Medical and dental professionals should continue to follow the Governor’s Executive Orders regarding restrictions and regulations related to medical and dental procedures. The Governor’s Executive Orders may be found here: https://sos.tn.gov/products/division-publications/executive-orders-governor-bill-lee.

If you have a question that is not posted or any questions regarding the Back to Business Plan, please contact us.